Almost Two Decades of Family Law Legal Services on the Texas Gulf Coast

The process of determining and pursuing your child custody goals is highly personal. It’s important, then to ask: Will your attorney understand the full importance of your wish to be involved in the life of your child? Will your lawyer understand and respect your desire to shield your child as much as possible from the marital discord that can occur during a divorce and/or during a child custody dispute? And will your attorney have the skills to help you and your spouse or other individual minimize or even eliminate conflict and to guide your entire family to a mutually beneficial solution?

Attorney Mark B. Jones and the staff of The Law Office of Mark B. Jones have decades of experience providing child custody and divorce law legal services to residents of Texas’ Gulf Coast. We know that it is important both to achieve your child custody goals and to do so in a process that both you and your family can live with.

To aid in the pursuit of these goals, attorney Jones has become a certified family law mediator. In addition, he has 18 years of courtroom litigation experience. The result? Countless clients who have achieved their child custody, child support and other divorce-related legal goals. As one client recently wrote, “I have now used and his staff for two separate family matters and couldn’t have been more pleased. Not only is his staff friendly…but the no nonsense of this team is phenomenal. In both cases I feel their assistance got me what I paid for and nothing less.”

If you face a pending child custody legal challenge, depend on the services of The Law Office of Mark B. Jones. Contact us by calling 979-849-8076.