18 Years of Truck and Car Accident Legal Services on the Texas Gulf Coast

There are few if any personal injury law firms that focus on handling personal injury cases involving children. This is because personal injury law firms wish to help all injured victims. It is therefore difficult to locate a law firm that will provide legal services based on years of assisting injured minors.

At The Law Office of Mark B. Jones, though, we can assure you that we have assisted hundreds of children in our almost 20 years of legal practice. How? In addition to handling personal injury law, we also handle family law.

As a family law firm, we advocate for the rights of sometimes hundreds of children in a given year. As a personal injury law firm we have worked to obtain countless high-value resolutions for injured clients following truck and car accidents. The result? We are a firm that can provide supportive and understanding assistance to you and your child while working aggressively to obtain the full compensation you deserve from insurance companies.

Car accidents involving juveniles can involve car seat investigations, medical specialists, complications in determining the value of the claim and numerous other issues unique to cases involving injured children.

In the last 18 years hundreds of families have trusted us to resolve legal matters involving children. As one client recently noted following the resolution of a case, “It’s nice to know there are professional and above all caring people to represent a person going through [a difficult time]”

To contact The Law Office of Mark B. Jones following a car accident in the Angleton, Texas, area, call 979-849-8076. Our office is located just two blocks south of the courthouse in Angleton.